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Healing the Body is a Process

Dr. Ida Rolf once said that it was man’s evolutionary goal to be truly bipedal (walking on 2 feet) but that, in evolutionary terms, we weren’t quite there yet. I interpret this to mean we all have room for improvement and the potential to be stronger and move with more grace and ease . So we still have some evolving to do. We can agree that we develop ourselves through both senses (mind) and our physicality (matter). Senses guide us through the world and perceive space time.

Repetitive Stress, Aches, and Pains

Rolfing (aka Structural Integration) is a type of body manipulation that addresses recent and lifelong patterns of strain in the body and its connective tissues. Postural balance and functional use is restored through hands-on bodywork and gentle exercises. This is usually, but not always, done through a 10 session protocol. Injuries, trauma, and daily habits can cause the body to lose it’s relationship to gravity. This could lead to pain, decreased range of motion, and lack of energy.

What Rolfing can Do

I find it illustrative to think about what it is that makes up the human form. Muscles give us movement, bones give us dimension to some extent but mostly they give us joints which allow us to move in different planes, but it is fascia that gives our body support and elasticity. Fascia is the material that holds muscles together, binds our cells together, suspends and compartmentalizes our internal organs inside of us, and is probably a vital component to our nervous system. This is the primary material we are working with in Rolfing.

Your First Session

First, we’ll discuss your health history, goals, and expectations. I will address any questions you may have about how I work and what we will try to accomplish together. Next, I will evaluate your body structure both standing and walking. You can wear your underthings, running shorts, and/or a sports bra during your evaluation.

For bookings or questions:
Call (707) 847-6530 or Send a Message