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Sciatica Treatment

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Sciatica can be hard to treat. That is just the hard truth. I have seen many clients, especially those who have left it untreated for a long period, become very frustrated that despite their best efforts and those of skilled practitioners it’s not fixing the problem. But it is also very commonly misdiagnosed. Sometimes what is thought to be sciatica is actually impingement of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (especially if pain stops above the knee) or more common piriformis syndrome. Piriformis syndrome is really just the piriformis muscle pinching down on the sciatic nerve. It is believed that true sciatica is an issue at the spine itself.

What is it exactly?

The Sciatic nerve is about the diameter of a pinky. So it’s huge. Its roots come out of lowest vertebrae in the spine, then travel through the inside of the pelvis, converges its many roots into one thick continuous nerve, then goes under the piriformis muscle, then makes a turn to go down the back of the leg between the hamstring muscles where it eventually divides into two nerves called the common peroneal nerve and the tibial nerve (these innervate the leg below the knee). So from this we can deduce that it is large and has to travel through a lot of stuff! This can spell trouble for nerves. The fact that we sit directly on it often makes matters worse.


What Clients Are Saying

Please read these summary reviews from my clients. I think you will find that their experiences will help illustrate what you can expect in our sessions. 

If you have a sports injury, chronic pain, and are interested in a holistic but very physical method to improve your posture, I highly recommend Tom Richards and his practice.

Laura Fuqua

Achilles Tendon Pain, Berkeley

I did a series with Tom a couple of months ago. It appears to have been the catalyst for some profound and very welcome changes in my body. I now feel more ease.

Simon Gibson

Rolfing Movement

Not only is Rolfing the most truly effective and lasting way I have found to address pain and movement restrictions, but Tom is the best Rolfer I have ever worked with.

Nicole R.

Davis, CA

Tom Richards

Advanced Rolfer

1144 Fallbrook St
West Sacramento, CA 95691

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