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Rehab Exercise

The purpose of Rolf Movement is to work on and  identify the movement patterns that promote strain and asymmetry in its system.


How Rolfing Heals

The purpose of Rolf Movement is to work with the client to identify the movement patterns that promote strain and asymmetry in its system. Once these patterns are identified, the Rolf Movement practitioner doesn’t necessarily seek to change those patterns which have served the client well. Rather the Rolfer offers more economical solutions, ones that promote greater core stability, balance, and efficiency in the gravitational field. This means less incidence of pain, more ease, and more beneficial exercise. It also gives the client tools that they can take with them to help realign their own structure, release strain, and be pain free.

Therapy in Movement

My movement work is useful for syncing the central nervous system to its muscular counterparts. When freeing soft tissue doesn’t serve the client often times movement work does because there may be issues of “muscle amnesia”. Unlike doing traditional exercises, which works to build only strength movement work refines coordination very specifically and also gets the nervous system back in communication with an affected area. Rolf Movement can be explored by clients who have completed a structural series and serves equally well as a stand-alone tool for achieving higher levels of self-awareness and body coherence for the long term.

Hi, I'm Tom Richards

I'm a Certified Rolfing practitioner in Oakland and the greater Bay Area, certified by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. Governed by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Certified Rolfers have extensive training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and therapeutic relationship. My skills include joint mobilization, nerve manipulation, and movement therapy. I hold a B.S. in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University.

What Clients Are Saying

Please read these summary reviews from my clients. I think you will find that their experiences will help illustrate what you can expect in our sessions. 

If you have a sports injury, chronic pain, and are interested in a holistic but very physical method to improve your posture, I highly recommend Tom Richards and his practice.

Laura Fuqua

Achilles Tendon Pain, Berkeley

I did a series with Tom a couple of months ago. It appears to have been the catalyst for some profound and very welcome changes in my body. I now feel more ease.

Simon Gibson

Rolfing Movement

Not only is Rolfing the most truly effective and lasting way I have found to address pain and movement restrictions, but Tom is the best Rolfer I have ever worked with.

Nicole R.

Davis, CA

Tom Richards

Advanced Rolfer

1144 Fallbrook St
West Sacramento, CA 95691

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