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The 10 Series

 Because everyone is so unique and has different needs with their structure no 2 Rolfing sessions will ever be the same; the 10 -Series always have the same goal. The 10 series is perhaps what Rolfing is best known. It is best described as an order of operations to organizing a body. Generally restriction of the outer layers of fascia are addressed before the deeper (core) layers).

What’s involved in the 10 series sessions?

The 10 series is recommended for anyone who has not received Rolfing work yet. 

Sleeve (Outer Fascia)

Session 1

Finding a more balanced and efficient breathing pattern by freeing fascial restrictions around the torso, shoulders, neck and head. Beginning to mobilize and horizontalize the pelvis by working around hip joints and legs. Optimizing breath function makes more energy available to them, and helps to create a sense of ease.

Session 2

The territory is the feet, lower legs, and back. The goal is bilateral balance through the legs. When we change the feet we change everything above. This is a great opportunity to address any foot or ankle issues and begin to facilitate more communication between the feet and the spine thus improving better balance and proprioception.

Session 3

Front to back balance and contralateral motion. The territory worked here are the sides of the body so that areas of shortening, shifting, or rotating can be precisely addressed. Rib restriction, shoulder issues, and some hip issues can be treated here.

Core (Deep fascia)

Session 4

The main territory of session 4 is the inside of the legs from foot to pelvis. Here we’re able to unwind strain patterns in the thigh and lower leg as well as treat some knee or hip issues. Some back work may be done too.The goal is basically to relate the legs to the pelvis and bring more efficiency into gait.

Session 5

Balancing the core and relating the pelvis to the spine. The territory here is mostly the abdomen but some back work as well. Clients often are pleasantly surprised by this session because of it’s positve impact on the low back but also it is likely that they haven’t felt some of these areas move for a long time.

Session 6

Freeing the spine and balancing the entire posterior body from the front (which was addressed in session 5). The territory could be from the bottoms of the feet all the way to the upper spine. A great opportunity to work with any spinal issues found along the way in previous sessions. Also to free up strain in the back of the pelvis and hamstrings.

Session 7

Balancing the head and neck. Territory is the neck and its counterparts ) eg. shoulder girdle and thoracic spine) but here is the unique opportunity to look at the cervical spine more specifically, the jaw, and the cranium to help the client with TMJ issues, headaches, and neck or eye strain. Where the head goes the body follows. To have a balanced head and neck is to have better access to your senses.

Integration Sessions

Session 8

Session 8 is either working with the lower body or the upper body. This is a good chance to visit trouble areas that weren’t totally resolved in previous sessions as specific issues of the client are in the foreground. But the main goal here is to get one segment of the body to communicate with another that wasn’t doing so previously. So much of chronic pain and dysfunction is really about this very problem (neuromotor input and output).

Session 9

Same idea as session 8 but now the territory is the opposite as the previous.

Session 10

The main goal here is to horizontalize the joints and complete the integration phase of the work done together. The territory in session 10 could be the whole body.

Hi, I'm Tom Richards

I'm a Certified Rolfing practitioner in Oakland and the greater Bay Area, certified by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. Governed by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Certified Rolfers have extensive training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and therapeutic relationship. My skills include joint mobilization, nerve manipulation, and movement therapy. I hold a B.S. in Kinesiology from San Francisco State University.

What Clients Are Saying

Please read these summary reviews from my clients at Rolf to Evolve. I think you will find that their experiences will help illustrate what you can expect in our sessions. 

If you have a sports injury, chronic pain, and are interested in a holistic but very physical method to improve your posture, I highly recommend Tom Richards and his practice.

Laura Fuqua

Achilles Tendon Pain, Berkeley

I did a series with Tom a couple of months ago. It appears to have been the catalyst for some profound and very welcome changes in my body. I now feel more ease.

Simon Gibson

Rolfing Movement, Oakland

When you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. When you innovate, you make mistakes

Cindi Goodsell

Chronic Joint Pain, Oakland

Tom Richards

Advanced Rolfer

1144 Fallbrook St
West Sacramento, CA 95691

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